FAQs: Professional Grade USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder

Q. Is the Professional Grade USB Flash Drive Voice RecorderProfessional Grade USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder compatible with Mac computers?
A. Yes it is. As long as your computer has a USB port, it will work with it - PC or Mac.

Q. How much space does the drive have? How many hours of audio will it hold?
A. The flash drive has 4GB of space. It can hold approximately 144 hours of audio recordings.

Q. Will this work as a regular USB flash drive too?
A. Yes it will.  You can copy over files and take them with you just like a normal flash drive.

Q. What file format are the audio files recorded to?
A. Files are recorded to MP3 format.

Q. Do I need any special media player to play back the audio files?
A. No you don't - MP3 files can be played back with any standard media player on your computer.

Q. Is there a time/date stamp on the files?
A. This particular model does not have time/date stamp setting capabilities. 

Q. What recording modes does this recorder have?
A. You can choose between voice activated and continuous recording modes.

Q. How do I start/stop recording?
A. Simply turn the dial up or down based on your desired recording mode.

Q. How do I charge the recorder?
A. You can charge the recorder's internal battery by plugging it into your computer's USB port, or by using an optional wall charger, car charger, or portable battery pack.

Q. Is there a way to reset the device if it becomes stuck or unresponsive?
A. Yes there is - simply use the end of a paper clip or pen tip and locate the reset hole on the USB connection to reset the device back to factory condition. (Note: This process will not delete any of your saved files on the drive).

Q. Can this voice recorder record while it's plugged in?
A. Yes it can. It can record while plugged into a computer's USB port, or while plugged into an optional USB wall chargerUSB wall charger.

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