FAQs: Motion Activated Mini Black Box Hidden Camera

Q. How do I charge the camera?
A. You can charge the camera by connecting the wall charger to the device. The red light will flash while the device is charging, and will go out when the device is fully charged.

Q. How do I view my recorded video files?
A. To view the files recorded by your camera, there are two options. The first is to connect the camera to your computer directly using the included USB cable. Then browse to the video folder, and click on the video file to play. Alternatively, you can also remove the memory card and insert it into a card reader or card reader slot to browse your recorded files.

Q. How do I adjust the different recording settings?
A. To adjust the different settings from their default, use the software widget included with the device.

Q. Can this device charge while recording?
A. Yes you can leave the camera plugged into power for continuous power. 

Q. What is the maximum size memory card I can use in this camera?
A. The maximum size card that can be used is a 32GB micro SD card.
Page Last Updated: Oct 17, 2014 10:41PM EDT
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