Setting the Time and Date Stamp (SG-HC240)

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The 1080P HD Mini USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera (SG-HC240) has the ability to set the time and date stamp that is embedded on the video, so you'll be able to see exactly when your video files are recorded.

To set the time and date stamp, first make sure that the camera is connected to your computer (with the USB cable plugged USB on the charger), as pictured in the image below:
Once the camera is connected to and recognized by your computer, you'll see a popup window like the following:

Click "View all files" to view the files on the camera.

Once you are in the main/root directory (E: in this example), there will be a file automatically created by the camera that is named "time.txt" (Note: Based on your computer settings, you may not see the ".txt" file extension):

Double click on the time.txt file to open it, and you'll be presented with a default time set file that you can edit with the current time and date:

Once the text document has been created, open it and enter the current time and date in the following format:

NOTE: The hour (HH) is in 24-hour time, so 530PM would be typed out as 17:30:00.

For example, if the current time/date is January 18, 2016 at 5:30PM, the date will look as follows:

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you open the time set file to edit it, there will be 3 trailing spaces after the time. Be sure to delete those spaces from the end of the line before you save and close the file, so that the new time and date that you just entered will properly apply to the camera. See below for example:

Once you have finished entering the time and date as described above, and deleted the 3 spaces after the time, save the file, and close it.

If you're having trouble setting the time and date stamp, we have a sample time set file you can download and use, click here to download the sample file. The sample file has the 3 trailing spaces removed as well, so you just need to edit the time, save it, and copy it to your camera's internal memory and replace the old time set file that was there.

After you've saved and closed the file, disconnect the camera from your computer. The next time that you record a video, the new time/date stamp will be applied.

Also note that the next time you connect the camera to your computer, a sample text file will be created again (with a default time/date stamp - not the current time/date). That is there to help you change the time/date if you need to do that again in the future, and won't reflect the actual time/date stamp that you set.

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