Common Troubleshooting FAQs for the USB Charger Camera (HC250)

We've designed the 1080P HD Motion Activated USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera (SG-HC250) to be as easy to use as possible, and we've tried to address as many questions as possible in the user manual. If you haven't fully read through the user manual yet, click here to view the manual. It contains most answers you may need to get the camera up and running.

Here are some common questions and troubleshooting tips:

Q. Why didn't my video file record correctly?

A. One of the most common reasons your video file might not record correctly is because the device was removed from the power outlet while it was in the middle of recording a file. If power is disconnected in the middle of a file recording, it will not be able to save properly.

In motion activation mode, video files are saved every 3 minutes, and in continuous recording mode, files save every 10 minutes. So if you are testing out the camera and you see a file didn’t save properly, be sure to let it cycle through the full recording time before removing it from the outlet.

To ensure that your camera is working correctly, we recommend plugging it in (the camera comes in motion detection mode by default), and waving your hand or walk in front of the camera. Let it record for 10-15 minutes, which will allow the camera to cycle through several motion activation clips (which are 3 minutes each). When you connect the camera to your computer, you should see several files recorded, similar to the screenshot below:


As you can see, in the example above, the camera recorded through 5 different clips. During the 6th clip is when the camera was unplugged from the power source, which is why you can see the file didn't save properly (and is only 2kb, as opposed to all the other files which are around 200,000kb.

Q. The motion detection doesn't seem to be working correctly - even when nothing is happening, the camera still records. What's going on?

The way the camera detects motion is by looking for movement in front of the camera lens. The camera sensor is very sensitive, so even small things can trigger the recording, such as a clouds passing in front of some clouds, casting a shadow through the window, or even a tree branch swaying in the wind outside a window.

Another common reason motion detection can be triggered is if the camera is being used in a room or area without sufficient light. Small cameras like these need a sufficient light source, so if the lights start to get low, the camera's image can get fuzzy or "grainy". Because of the way that the camera interprets motion, this fuzz or graininess is interpreted as movement, which causes the camera to start recording. This will also happen if the camera is left running in a dark room, such as at night. For this reason, we recommend unplugging the camera at night, as to not cause false motion triggers.

Note: Higher end hidden cameras use "body heat" motion detection, so if you need a camera that can be plugged in an running in motion detection mode 24/7, we recommend checking out one of our cameras that offers this advanced "body heat" motion detection, also known as "PIR" recording.

Q. Video files are playing all black, or playing audio only, how do I fix this?

There are two reasons your video files could be playing all black, or just playing audio.

The first is if your camera was recording in total darkness, as mentioned in the previous question. If the camera is in motion detection and is left plugged in in a dark room, it will record all black since this camera needs ample light in order to record. To solve this, be sure to only use this camera when there is enough light for it to see properly, and unplug it if the room is going to be dark.

The other issue that could be causing the video to play all black (even if recorded in a normally lit room) is that your video drivers might be out of date on your computer. This basically means that your computer doesn't have the latest video drivers in order to play back the videos. This is an easy fix, simply go to and download "VLC Media Player". VLC is a popular media player that plays both video and audio files, and is available for PC and Mac. It has all of the latest drivers built in, so once you download and install it, you can then open your video files with VLC and they will play back correctly.

Q. I'm having trouble setting the time and date stamp.

A. We know that setting the time and date stamp can seem a little cumbersome if you've never used a hidden camera like this before and had to set the time/date, but with a standalone device like this without a screen or buttons it's the only way to set the date stamp. 

Luckily we have a detailed step by step guide here to help you through that process:

In addition to a step by step guide, there is also a sample file you can download and simply adjust the time in the file to the current time and date. The process should only take a few minutes, and you only have to do it once. If you have any issues, you can also contact our tech support team and we'll be glad to help walk you through it.
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