Pro Black Box Camera HC450 FAQ's

Q. I’m having trouble setting the time/date stamp or other settings.
A. Be sure to enter the time/date stamp and other settings exactly as described. An extra character or out of place number can cause the settings to not apply correctly. The time stamp must be entered in 24-hour / military format. If you are still having trouble, check out our detailed guide for adjusting the camera settings here:

Q. Can I record while the device is plugged into power?
A. Yes the camera can draw power from a standard AC outlet, which can provide continuous power so that you don’t have to worry about battery life.

Q. The blue LED is always blinking, and the camera won’t record.
A. If the blue LED is blinking, this indicates a problem with either the memory card or battery. Reformat or clear space on the memory card, and make sure the battery is fully charged. Be sure to use a maximum memory card of 64GB, and rated Class 10 or above.

Q. The camera won’t record any files to the memory card.
A. If the camera isn’t recording files to the card, make sure the device is powered on and the recording mode is properly set, and that the battery is fully charged. 

Q. I’m having trouble playing back my recorded videos.
A. If videos are playing all black or are not playing at all, first make sure you are using an up to date video player, like VLC Media Player, a free download at Also try copying the video files directly to your computer for direct playback.

Q. The camera is recording in motion activation mode when there is no motion.
A. The motion detection is very sensitive. Even shadows or lights turning on or off could trigger the motion recording. If it is too sensitive in the area you have placed it, you can adjust the sensitivity using the SETTING file as mentioned previously. Also make sure you aren’t using the camera in a low light or no-light situation, as this is not a night vision camera, and low light may inadvertently trigger the motion recording, and cause the recorded video to be fuzzy or low quality.

Q. My computer doesn’t recognize the camera when I connect it to my computer.
A. Be sure that you are using the included USB cable, which is specially designed for this camera. Other USB cables may not work correctly with this camera. You can also remove the memory card and insert into a USB card reader or card slot to view files.
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