1080P HD AC Adapter USB Charger Hidden Camera FAQs

Q. How is this hidden camera powered?
The AC adapter camera is powered by a standard wall outlet AC power. It does not have an internal battery, and must be plugged in to operate.

Q. Can I use this device as a regular USB wall charger too?
Yes you can - the device has a standard USB port on the bottom that you can plug your favorite device into for charging (such as iPhone or Android device). We include a micro USB charging cable with the camera, which can charge many devices, like Android devices, however you can use any standard USB charging cable, like the one that comes with an iPhone.

Q. What recording modes does this hidden camera use?
You can choose between either motion activated or continuous recording mode.

Q. How do I choose which recording mode for the camera to use?
Use the included remote control to turn the camera ON or OFF, as well as select the recording mode.

Q. Where are my video files saved to?
Video files are saved to a micro SD card (not included) up to 128GB in capacity. Class 10 or above card is recommended for best performance due to the large file size because the video is HD quality.

Q. How do I play back my videos?
To watch your videos, simply remove the memory card and plug it into your computer's SD card slot. If your computer doesn't have a card slot built in, you can use an optional USB SD card reader.

Q. How does an SD card reader work? Do I need one?
An SD card reader is a small device that you can insert a memory card into if your computer doesn't have a card reader slot built in. If you don't have one built into your computer, you'll need a card reader to read the video files on the memory card.

Q. What is the viewing angle for this camera? Where is the optimum placement?
The camera's viewing angle is about 80 degrees wide, and faces slightly upward (about 15 degrees). This makes it ideal for plugging it into floor-level outlets (as opposed to counter height outlets).

Q. What if my outlet isn't facing the exact direction that I want to look at?
In this situation we recommend using an extension cord, and plugging the camera into that. This would allow you to then adjust the direction and angle of the adapter, giving you the exact view you need.

Q. Is there a time and date stamp on the video?
Yes you can set the time and date so that you know exactly when your video files are recorded.

Q. What is the warranty on this camera?
We offer an unbeatable lifetime parts and labor warranty for this hidden camera, as well as unlimited lifetime technical support from our US based product experts.
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