WiFi Black Box Hidden Camera (HC450w) FAQs

Q. How is this hidden camera powered?
This camera features dual power supply options, allowing you to use either battery power, or plug in to AC power for continuous power with no battery life concerns.

Q. How long will the battery last?
The internal rechargeable battery can last up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Q. How do I set up the streaming camera?
Setting up the camera is simple is done right on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) with our free streaming app.

Q. How many cameras can I view through the app?
You can add an unlimited number of cameras to the app, so you can monitor as many rooms as you need to.

Q. Can I record my video too?
Yes you can set up the camera to record motion activated video to a micro SD card in addition to live streaming.

Q. How do the motion detection alerts?
Motion detection alerts will notify you on your iPhone or Android phone if motion is detected. You can adjust the sensitivity, alert frequency, and even schedule when alerts take place (ie. just during the day when you're at work).

Q. Can I stream to my PC or Mac computer?
This camera streams to iPhone and Android devices only - it does not include the ability to stream to your computer.

Q. Is my video stream password protected?
Yes it is - so no one will be able to access or view your video unless you give them your camera's login information.

Q. Where is the best place to hide this camera?
The black box camera design makes it easy to hide - you can put it on a shelf, a bookcase, a table, under a stack of magazines, or just leave it in plain sight.

Q. How do I start or stop recording?
Operating the camera is easy - to turn the camera on, or to start or stop recording, use the hidden controls on the side of the device.

Q. What type of internet connection do I need to stream video from this camera?
We recommend a high speed broadband internet connection, which will allow you to stream HD video smoothly.
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