WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Camera (HC400w) Setup Instructions

Setting up the WiFi 1080P HD AC Adapter USB Charger Hidden Camera (HC400w) is a quick and easy process that takes about 5-10 minutes. During the setup process you'll download the setup/streaming app to your smartphone (iPhone or Android), add the camera to your account, and then connect it to your wireless network at your home or office.


The first step in setting up your camera is to insert a micro SD memory card and plugging the camera into an AC power outlet.

Note: A memory card is only needed if you want to record your video. If you just want to live stream your camera, you can skip this memory card step. 

1. Remove the back cover, and insert a micro SD card from 4GB up to 64GB in capacity. A name brand, Class 10 rated memory card is recommended. Once the card is inserted, replace the back cover. The camera will snap into place once fully inserted. Note: Memory cards larger than 64GB are not compatible with this device.

2. Plug the adapter camera into any standard 110v or 240v AC power outlet. 

Once the camera is plugged in it will take a few minutes to initialize. While that is happening, proceed to the next step to download and install the live streaming and setup app.


While the camera is initializing as mentioned in the previous step, the next step is to download and install the streaming app you'll use to setup the camera, and to live view your video.

Make sure your smartphone is connected to either a cellular network (such as 4G or LTE) or your existing WiFi network in your home or office, and then do the following:

1. For Apple devices, go to the App Store and search and download "FUVISION":

2. For Android devices, go to the Google Play store, and download "FUVISION2016".

3. Next, install the FUVISION app.

4. After the app has installed, open the FUVISION app and click on Create Account:

5. Once you've entered in your information, click the Register button to complete your new account registration.

6. Next, press the Login button to login to your newly created account:

7. Minimize the app (do not force-exit or close) so that it is still running in the background, and then you're ready to start adding the camera to your account.


Before proceeding with the camera setup step, be sure that you have downloaded the app, and registered an account, as described in the previous steps. Without completing those steps, you won't be able to properly connect the camera to your network.

Once you have the app download and installed, and have created an account, the next step is to connect to the WiFi signal being broadcast from the adapter camera. The adapter camera will now be broadcasting a WiFi signal in order for you to connect to it, and set it up to your existing WiFi network in your home.

NOTE: For best performance, we recommend keeping your phone within 4-5 feet of your camera for the following steps:

1. Browse your phone's WiFi settings, and look for the SSID (wireless network) being broadcast by the camera. It should start with "ET..." following by 9 numbers, so for example, "ET890811089":

2. Click on the "ET..." network and connect your phone to that WiFi signal. Once you do this, it make take up to a minute or so for your phone to fully connect. Be sure to wait until you see the WiFi icon in your phone's task bar at the top, and there is a checkmark next to the "ET..." WiFi network, which indicates your phone is now connected to the camera's WiFi. 

3. Once your camera is connected, go back to the main screen of the app ("Device List"), and you should see your new camera listed. NOTE: You may need to drag down to refresh the camera list.

4. Once you see your camera in the list, press the Settings icon next to your camera (that looks like a gear), and then click on the "WiFi setting" menu option. This will allow you to select your existing wireless network that you want to connect your camera to. This step is important because otherwise you will not be able to remote-view your camera feed:

5. Once you get to the WiFi screen, click the to enable WiFi, and then press the Info icon next to SSID to select your WiFi network. Enter your WiFi network password in the next box, and then click "Save". A dialog box will pop up that says "Success to Configure", and then click to confirm:

6. If the above process is completed successfully, you'll hear a short music tone played from the camera, indicating that it has connected to your WiFi network, and is rebooting. Go ahead an minimize the FUVISION app for a few minutes, as the reboot process will take approximately 1-2 minutes.

7. Next, go back to your WiFi settings on your phone, and connect your phone back to your home's WiFi network (the same one you just connected your camera to). 

After about 2 minutes (and your phone is connected to your home's WiFi), open back up the FUVISION app. On the main Device List, drag down to refresh the list, and you should see the camera showing up, along with a blue "!" with a circle around it. 

Click that blue info button to add the device to your account, and then click to confirm.

Your camera is now connected to your home's WiFi, and you'll be able to remote view the camera anywhere in the world that you have internet access.


There are many different camera settings you can adjust, however the first and most important is your camera's password. Changing your camera's password to something unique is important to secure your video feed and ensure no one else can access it without your permission.

To change the camera password, follow these steps:

1. In the Device List, click the gear icon next to the camera. The second item in the settings list will be "Modify the Login Password". Click to change your password.

2. On the change password screen, first enter the old password. If you're setting up the camera for the first time, this is the default password mentioned earlier, "9999" without the quotes. Enter your new unique password on the next line, and then type it in on the 3rd line to confirm. Once you have done this, press "Save" to save your new password.

3. Once you complete this, you'll see "Change password successful". Click confirm to confirm, and return to the previous screen.

Your camera is now set up and secure, and you'll be able view your camera remotely. If you have additional cameras to set up, simply follow these same steps to add as many cameras as you need to monitor your home or office.


If you are having trouble setting up the camera, you may need to reset the device to start from the beginning. To reset the camera, while the camera is plugged into AC power, insert a paper clip into the reset hole. You will feel it push the little button inside the hole, press and hold that for about 5-10 seconds until you hear a short audio tone. This indicates that the camera has been reset, and the device is rebooting.

Also note, once the camera has been successfully set up, it will no longer broadcast it's own WiFi signal (the one starting with ET...). If you still see that WiFi signal broadcasting after you have set up the camera something during the setup process was not completed successfully. 

To learn more about and adjust other camera settings, including changing the camera name, recording settings, and motion alerts, click here to view our support document on advanced settings for the HC400w.

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