HC400 Adapter Camera Time Setting Instructions and Sample Time Set File Download

Setting the time/date stamp on the HC400 adapter camera is a quick and easy process.

The first step is to insert the memory card into your computer's card slot, or into a USB SD card reader, so that you can access the files on the memory card.

NOTE: You cannot connect the adapter camera directly to your computer, you must remove the card and either insert it into a card slot or card reader.

Once you have the card connected to your computer, open it and browse to the main or root directory. This will be the upper most directory, such as E: or F: or whichever drive corresponds to your camera:

[empty directory image]

Right click to create a new text file, and name it "time.txt". Note: Your computer might not show the .txt file extension, if that is the case, just name it "time".

Open the file with your default text editor, such as notepad:

Enter the time and date in the following format:
So, for example, if the current date and time was:

May 15, 2016 4:30PM

Note: The time needs to be entered in 24-hour/military format.

In the sample time above, it would look like:

Please note that "Y1" indicates that the camera should be recording in 1080P HD @30fps.

You can change "Y1" to "Y2" if you would like to change the camera resolution to 720P HD @ 30fps, and to "Y3" for 720P HD @ 60fps, depending on your preferences.

Once you have entered the current time and date, save the file and close it.

Now remove the card from your computer, and insert it into the adapter camera, and plug the camera into a wall outlet.

Press the Power Button ("A") to turn the camera on, and the new time setting will be applied.

If this process is completed successfully, the time.txt file will be removed from the drive.

If the file is still there, or the time doesn't apply correctly, go back and repeat the above time setting process, and make sure you enter the time and date exactly as described above.


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