Common Troubleshooting Tips for VR80 USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder

Q. My VR80 Flash Drive Recorder Won't Record.
A. First make sure that the device is fully charged. When the device is charging, the LED will shine solid red. Once it is fully charged, the LED will change from red to blue. Next, make sure there is enough space on the recorder. If the 8GB of memory is full, it won't be able to record additional files until the memory is cleared off.


When you delete a file from a removable device (like this one) on your Mac, the files aren't fully deleted until you empty the trash bin. If you simply delete the files without emptying your trash bin, the files are actually STILL ON the device in a hidden folder. If that hidden folder fills up and you don't delete the files, it will appear that the device is empty, and it won't record, because in reality the internal memory is completely filled up. TO SOLVE THIS, insert the flash drive into your computer and empty the trash bin. This will erase all the deleted files, and allow the recorder to record normally again.
Page Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 12:38AM EDT
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