Troubleshooting the HC400w WiFi Adapter Hidden Camera

Issue: Can't Access the Video Stream Remotely

If you're having trouble viewing your video remotely, there are two possible solutions.

The first is that the camera was not fully set up. In order to view your camera feed remotely, you need to connect it to your home (or business) WiFi network. To do this, when you are viewing the camera on your local network, click the gear icon, and click the WiFi setting option:

Once you've done that, click the Info button next to SSID, and you'll be presented with a list of available WiFi networks. Select your home's WiFi network, enter the password on the next line, and then click Save:

The second possible solution is that there is an issue with either your home's WiFi connection, or your phone's connection when you're trying to view it remotely. Make sure your connection is strong, and then drag down the device list to refresh it, and wait a few seconds for it to refresh before clicking on the camera to view.

How to Reset the HC400w

If the device locks up or if you simply want to reset the device (such as if you are having trouble with the setup process), simply insert a paper clip into the reset hole into the bottom of the adapter while the camera is plugged into power.

When you insert the paper clip into the reset hole you'll feel it press a little button on the inside, hold it in for about 5-6 seconds until you hear the camera chime, letting you know the device has been reset. Give it about 2 minutes to completely reboot, and the camera will be back to the original factory settings.

Note: The "Factory Reset" setting in the streaming app is not functional for this specific camera, so if you need to reset the camera for any reason, it must be manually reset via the reset hole as mentioned above.
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