Troubleshooting the HC450w WiFi Setup Process

If you're having trouble connecting the HC450w WiFi Black Box Hidden Camera to your wireless network, this troubleshooting guide will help address some common issues:

General Tips and Tricks:
  • During the initial setup process, the blue status LED indicator on the side of the WiFi Black Box Camera will flash blue. This means that the camera is broadcasting it's own WiFi signal for the setup process. 
  • During the setup process, keep your phone as close to the camera as possible (within a few feet if possible). This will allow for the strongest connection during the setup process. After the setup process is complete, you can then remote view the camera from anywhere in the world.
  • When the camera is successfully connected to your WiFi network, the camera's SSID will stop broadcasting, and the blue status LED indicator will shine solid blue
  • Be sure when you are connecting the camera to your WiFi network (whether it is in your home or business), you enter that network's password exactly, including proper capitalization. If the password is not entered correctly, the camera will not be able to connect to it, and the blue status LED will continue flashing.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are trying to connect the camera to a WiFi network that has a secondary login screen, the camera may not be able to connect to it successfully without assistance from your IT department or network administrator. Examples of this include business or hotel networks that require you to view/read/accept terms of use, or other networks where you would normally see a pop up page on your phone or laptop, which prompts you to read/accept a terms and conditions page before completing your connection.

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